Usability and accessibility equals increased user adoption

User adoption of legal technology has always been a challenge for firms. The rapid adoption of consumer-based technologies has found its way into the legal application arena with law firm users expecting to use legal business applications that work the way their web applications do.

Tikit Carpe Diem has been built from the ground up with usability in mind. The easier a system is to access and use and the more points of time capture, the more fee earners are going to use it.

Contemporaneous timekeeping

Tikit Carpe Diem ensures contemporaneous timekeeping by providing the option to capture time the instant it is worked and on whatever device users have access to at the time.

  • The SmarTimer toolbar floats above applications, so that time is logged when switching to a new task.
  • Running timers follow users when they move devices from work, home or when mobile.
  • Time recording embedded in Word, Outlook and Office 365 means users are auto prompted to capture time.

Mobile timekeeping

Capturing and closing time entries from a smartphone, tablet or even an iWatch means that users can instantly record billable time as it happens, when travelling or working away from the office.

It’s easier and faster than email – and as simple as ‘Work-Click-Bill’. Using Tikit Carpe Diem Mobile away from the office is simple, reliable, and provides multiple capture methods. It’s an opportunity to capture time and expenses often overlooked in the past, while travelling or working on the move.

Reconstructed timekeeping

For us all sometimes time passes us by too quickly and for fee earners this can mean that it is sometimes necessary to take a look back to fill in the time gaps.

Unlike all other timekeeping solutions on the market, users of Tikit Carpe Diem’s TimeFinder functionality are not confronted with hundreds of possible missed-time entries, simply the ones that should be recorded. Users can auto-populate timesheets based on their digital footprint, or find missing time easily by responding to intelligent prompts.

Accessible timekeeping

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) were developed in cooperation with individuals and organisations around the world, with the goal of providing a single shared standard to help make web content accessible to people with disabilities.

Tikit Carpe Diem is WCAG compliant, so we are confident that it can be used by everyone within a firm and their user base globally.

Predictive assistance and glossary

Predictive assistance auto-completes forms, and provides in-line spell checks, so the process of entering information is quick, easy and smooth. The powerful best match technology embeds activity data directly within the timekeeping workflow, automatically populating timesheets so you don’t start with a blank page to laboriously fill in.

The glossary feature allows you to attach shorthand terms to words or phrases you use often, so instead of having to type everything over again, simply type your shorthand and the field will be populated.

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