Time recording

Attorneys are pushed for time so recording time can often be at the very bottom of their ‘to do list’. But for a law firm to be profitable they need to bill clients and to keep those clients, well, a client, they need to be accurate and transparent with their billing and their processes.

This is where Carpe Diem comes in. It has been re-engineered from the ground up to take the latest technologies into account and has been built to incorporate the intuitive approaches adopted in leading-edge consumer apps. It reflects the ambitions and aspirations of today’s firms. And it embraces a changed landscape – one where legal professionals are no longer office-bound, and where clients have become increasingly less loyal and more demanding.

Designed with all these factors in mind, Carpe Diem truly represents the next generation of timekeeping for legal firms and what’s more we have translated the software and can provide support and training in French.

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The need for speed.

Capture more, bill more!

Capturing and closing time entries from a smartphone or tablet means that billable time can be recorded instantly, as it happens. Using Carpe Diem Mobile away from the office is simple, reliable, and gives your attorneys multiple capture methods that can increase your revenue, achieve more accurate invoicing and thereby form better client relationships.

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