Solutions for bi-lingual teams in Canada

We have a bilingual team of experts who have delivered IT solutions to firms worldwide in more than 10 different languages. What’s more we have translated some of our software and can provide a great user experience, support and training in French.

Tikit’s Canadian team

We have formed a bilingual team managed by Stephanie Quintal, our local document lifecycle specialist. Stephanie’s team is made up of experts who have delivered more than 150 document (management) solutions to firms worldwide, including 40 + installations in French.

As we know that Canadian firms (in particular, French speaking firms) realize benefits when dealing with Canadian vendors, we have localized our software and the support that we provide. But it is not just the technical and support delivery in French that you will benefit from, as working with a vendor that really understands the local culture, with all its nuances and complexities, pain-points and barriers, is much easier that working with one that doesn’t!

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The document lifecycle

We know that documents are really important to our clients, so we have rounded up a suite of products that will help you manage their transition through their entire lifecycle:

  • Document creation.
  • Search and retrieval.
  • Version tracking and control.
  • Management from creation to destruction (electronic and physical).
  • Secure file sharing and collaboration.
  • Anytime, anywhere access.

Time recording

Attorneys are pushed for time so recording time can often be at the very bottom of their ‘to do list’. But for a law firm to be profitable they need to bill clients and to keep those clients well, a client, they need to be accurate and transparent with their billing and their processes.



If you would like to know more about our Canadian team and how they can help your firm, read Stephanie’s blog:

Making a bi-lingual difference