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Capturing and closing time entries from a smartphone, tablet or even an iWatch means that fee earners can instantly record billable time as it happens, when travelling or working away from the office.

It’s easier and faster than email – and as simple as ‘Work-Click-Bill’. Using Carpe Diem Mobile away from the office is simple, reliable, and gives your attorneys multiple capture methods. It’s an opportunity to capture time and expenses often overlooked in the past, while travelling or working on the move. Let our software increase your revenue, achieve more accurate invoicing and thereby form better client relationships.

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Jan 12, 2017 –  Carpe Diem Mobile with zero investment in upfront licensing

Jan 17, 2017ILTA educational webinar – The Device Mesh

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On demand – Mobile time entry with Tikit

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Carpe Diem Mobile works accross multiple devices.

See how easy it is to record time on a mobile device

Tikit introduces Carpe Diem App for the Apple Watch®

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