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What can I expect to learn?

This roundtable workshop looking at effective ways to communicate your firm’s message about Covid19 both internally and externally.


Who should attend?

Any person responsible for administrating the firms CRM and eMarketing activities.


Is there anything I need to know already?

Attendees should have basic knowledge of: Tikit Connect and Tikit eMarketing Version 6.


How many attendees?

Maximum of 4 individuals in attendance is permitted.


How long does it last?

3 hours (including a 15 coffee break).


How is it delivered?

Your trainer will work remotely via a WebEx session.


Is there anything I need?

Each PC/Laptop will require access to:

·         Outlook with Tikit Connect

·         Tikit eMarketing

If attending one of our WebEx Sessions attendees will need access to a headset and microphone or speakerphone.


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