What Tikit brings to NetDocuments


Our pedigree is in bringing technical solutions to solve real world business challenges. With this partnership we are able to deliver unique solutions around the NetDocuments platform integrated with other cloud based and on-premises technology that exist within your firm. We have document implementation experts all over the world.  One of these experts is Jason Scott, a senior business consultant at Tikit who has spent the last 25+ years working with professional service organisations in particular law firms on technology projects with a focus on DMS migrations, system design and data integration. He recently wrote a couple of articles for Legal IT Professionals on the best principles when considering a DMS migration.


The key to ROI for your firms investment in a document management platform is user adoption. It is proven that if users understand the full benefits and are confident in using an application they are likely to use it to it’s fullest. Our team of NetDocuments trainers offer a variety of methods to train your team including:

  • eLearning
  • Remote
  • Onsite ‘classroom’ training
  • Onsite ‘floorwalking’

Click here to find out how we tailored the delivery of training to suit Travers Smith’s requirements.


We are also one of the only legal technology vendors to have an ISO 9001 accredited helpdesk. In the last year our helpdesk has achieved on average a 95% client satisfaction rating.

Integration with other systems

Creating, sharing and recording the time spend working on documents can be seamless as we have built connectors that link the NetDocuments platform to popular systems that are used in many law firms.

Tikit Carpe Diem / NetDocuments Connector – By connecting NetDocuments and Tikit Carpe Diem, time spent working on a document is recorded automatically. The ‘Timefinder’ function in Tikit Carpe Diem the prompts fee earners to record the time against the client matter meaning that even small increments of time are recorded seamlessly.

  • Automation – Using TimeFinder technology, the Carpe Diem/NetDocuments connector finds missing time by analysing the documents and emails the user has worked on during that day as recorded in NetDocuments.
  • Transparency – By ensuring all time worked on every document, users are able to provide greater visibility and accuracy of time spent to their clients.
  • Integration – Using two market-leading applications in unison streamlines the flow of data and provides a better experience for users throughout the firm.