Time Recording for General Counsel

Understanding what your team’s time is spent on is as crucial to in-house teams as it is to outside counsel.

Back in the day, in-house counsel gave a lot of work to external firms but nowadays, driven by cost pressures, it is more typical for corporate counsel to take care of the most complex, business critical issues in-house. External firms are still called on, but will generally do less work. At the same time secondees can be brought in to supplement the in-house team as required on specific projects. Lastly, standard volume work can be sent offshore to lower cost resources. In other words corporate counsel is using a blend of resource solutions to get the job done!

But, how do you manage all of these resources? How do you know when you are going to need them? And importantly how do you convince the business that that to deliver a project on time your team is going to need additional support?

This is where time recording comes in. The reason lawyers that work in a law firm record time is clear – the firm needs to be paid for all time worked on a matter and in a timely manner to remain profitable. But for in-house teams this is not applicable. However, what if you could easily extract accurate and digestible data that tells who in your team is working for which department, on which matter and how long each element of the project will take? This would mean that you could:

  • See a snapshot of workload over a period and plan optimal allocation of resources
  • Plan for the use of external resource ahead of time and therefore negotiate the most cost-effective rates
  • Give the right work to the resource that is most efficient
  • Prove your team’s value to the business as a whole with granular information on the split of your team’s resource against different business areas
  • Track and make visible who is dealing with what.

This is all possible if you record time!

Tikit Carpe Diem is an industry leading time recording solution that has a unique combination of features:

  • Inclusive timekeeping
  • Forecasting and workload management
  • Expenses and disbursements recording.

These powerful capabilities are all delivered through the same interface and available anytime, anywhere and on any device, so if you have teams that work in different locations or that travel between locations the application is always accessible and always consistent from a user perspective. This also has the added benefit of driving user adoption with very little training needed.

Case study Carpe Diem Data Sheet

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