Document management simplified

Legal teams are being increasingly pressured these days. As if looking after the legal work wasn’t enough, you’re increasingly tasked with risk, compliance, ethics and strategy as well.

The last thing you need to worry about is the integrity of documents and files (and where to find them!).

As the world’s leading cloud-based document management solution, NetDocuments lifts the complexity of electronic document management off your shoulders. In its place we provide a secure, intuitive, feature-rich interface through which all your emails, documents and matter files can be instantly accessed.

  • Slick, integrated email filing makes storing and finding communications much easier
  •  Secure document sharing instead of emailing documents, can control how long they are available for access, what the recipient can do and whether they can download
  •  Reliable, powerful, full text searching for documents, emails and attachments

NetDocuments is the leading security-as-a-service platform for cloud-based document and email management for legal teams. And the NetDocuments solution is now being delivered by Tikit, a part of BT and a world leader in legal technology solutions. You’re in safe hands.

Join us for a 15 minute session to learn some quick ways in which Tikit can help lighten the load by using some clever cloud technologies.

Tikit Tech Burst webinars:

30 November 2017, (1pm AEST) – The smart way to securely share documents. Click here to register.

5 December, 2017 (1pm AEST) – How slick, integrated email filing makes storing and finding communications much easier. Click here to register.

12 December 2017, (1pm AEST) – Get control over your files by using powerful searching to reduce time spent looking for documents. Click here to register.

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