Collaborative online client access

WebPortal, our online client collaboration portal allows your clients to view, download and update their case details, online, in a customised, branded and secure website.

The request to the end user to supply details or to advise of an update can be generated from your firm’s P4W case management system automatically with a secure email link.


What is WebPortal?

With WebPortal you can allow clients and authorised contacts such as estate agents, to access information about their case at any time.

It’s secure. WebPortal uses https and individual user logins on a robust scalable platform.  It also runs on Microsoft SQL Server database, so WebPortal is kept separate from your master P4W database.

You can also save time and minimise risk through client self-service and reduce the number on in-bound phonecalls and emails.


WebPortal client collaboration portal functionality


Security – Information security is a serious concern when publishing data on the internet and WebPortal has been designed with a number of in-built security measures to ensure that it is maintained as a low-risk website. There is no direct link to the firm’s main P4W database.  All published information is read from a local database that contains only a subset of the original data.  Each client or user is given an individual password to access WebPortal.  All information that is published is pre-determined by the firm, reducing the risk of releasing inappropriate data onto the site. And, entities and/or matters can be locked to avoid them being published.


Branding – WebPortal can be adapted to match your firm’s existing website or corporate image, by incorporating the firm’s colour scheme and logo.


Time and cost saving – Publish definable case data and selected documents to a secure portal for authorised client and 3rd party access. Enable clients to self-serve to increase efficiency and minimise costs.  Being able to divert clients to an online resource that provides them with the information they require would enable staff to be more productive and boost client satisfaction levels. This will also reduce the number of phonecalls or email exchanges send by the client.

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