Data capture – Tikit FormShare

A recent survey suggested that as much as 36% of professional time is spent on admin processes, such as re-entering data. But this time can be dramatically reduced!

Tikit’s FormShare enables firms to use Adobe PDF Forms as an efficient method of electronically capturing data. This ground breaking tool allows users to complete PDF forms, such as client inception forms and police station attendance notes, on their mobile device, on or offline.  This information is then automatically extracted and added to their Tikit P4W database.

Introducing Tikit FormShare


How could I use FormShare at my firm?

Forms which are typically used to capture data from the client; e.g. settlement agreements, fixtures & fittings, client satisfaction surveys can be part-filled via Tikit P4W Case Manager and then sent to the client for completion. There is the option to run further automated processes in conjunction with Tikit TaskCentre and the Tikit P4W Step Automation Manager

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