Claims management

Tikit P4W and the MoJ Portal

Tikit P4W has the flexibility to add an optional claims management/ MoJ portal module.

Create and manage claims directly from P4W, there is no need to log into the MoJ portal separately.

What is the Tikit P4W Claims Management module?

With this optional module your lawyers can upload claims, settlement and court packs directly from the Tikit P4W Managing Partner screen.  The claims management module comes with all Managing Partner data screens set up and ready to use.

All forms created from the Managing Partner screen can be saved in PDF format in the case agenda.

Claims management functionality

  • Data screens – The Stage 1 screens provide quick links to search for insurers and hospitals (claimant). All Stage 2 screens (Interim, Stage 2 and Additional
    Damages) allow users to see both claimant and defendant figures side by side.  All previous settlement packs can be seen via call out screens. The Stage 3 Court Pack also enables all previous packs to be viewed.
  • Notifications, acknowledgements and tasks – the submission and downloading of data is handled by web services in the background. The Tikit P4W Claims Management module uses Tikit Task Centre which notifies the appropriate fee earner when an event has occurred on the case, normally via email. All notifications, acknowledgements and tasks are actioned from a right-click menu on each row in the Alerts section of the Tikit P4W Task Panel.
  • Forms – All forms can be produced at the click of a button and saved in the case agenda. The forms can be produced as often as is required.  Once submission of the data to the MoJ Portal has occurred, the data screen becomes ‘read only’ and no further copies can be created (although copies can still be downloaded from the MoJ Portal via the Tikit P4W Portal Manager).
  • Portal Manager – A special Portal Manager MP data view enables the user to upload documents and notes and download documents and forms.  And claim statuses as viewable at a glance.
  • Case Management – As the module contains all the tables and fields required for the claims (whether claimant or defendant), firms can integrate these into their existing templates should they wish. A separate case agenda is automatically created to display an event history of interaction with the MoJ Portal on each case.
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