Case management

Our Tikit P4W case management system works within your Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

This means your lawyers can work in a familiar setting. What’s more, they will have access to powerful filing, collation and workflow tools without having to open and close standard applications.

What is Tikit P4W Case Manager?

Tikit P4W Case Manager is an archive for all your case filing; including letters, documents, forms and emails.  All workflow steps and documents are automatically saved against the client and matter.  This ensures intelligent filing of incoming and outgoing emails against the correct matter.  All diary entries are accessible through both Tikit P4W and Outlook.

From Tikit P4W Case Manager you can also set milestones, mandatory steps and automatic actions to manage risk and compliance.

Seamlessly assemble documents with Tikit P4W Case Manager by using your existing templates. For example you have the ability to bring in different clauses for different circumstances. You can also scan paper files and allocate them to the appropriate case file.

Case management functionality

  • File types – You can save all manner of file types into your case file – everything from PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, legal forms, videos, photos and digital dictation files.
  • Electronic filing – Your paper files are replicated electronically, allowing you to email case documents, collate into a court or brief bundle or upload to a client-accessible page on your website.
  • Easy access to matter data: Through the case screen, you can see the whole picture. You have access to financial and time ledgers, time recording, client and contact data and matter data.
  • Document versioning: View versions, edit history and compare documents using Microsoft Word.
  • Time recording: Automatically record time when documents and forms are generated.
  • BigHand integration: Generate dictations and speech recognition texts from within the case file and merge the output with selectable templates.
  • Partner Mail (Partner Productivity Suite): an extension which allows users to file emails and documents directly into their case manager from popular 3rd party applications, such as Outlook or MS Word.
  • PDF Manager: Save time and increase efficiency by sending professional looking letters to your clients via email in seconds.

Why choose Tikit P4W Case Manager?

It is the perfect solution for streamlining your business processes and maximising billing potential. Reduce time spent on each case and maximise your firm’s case load.  Enhance client relationships with better management of cases and reduce risk of human error by automating case processes.

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