P4W User Group

By choosing P4W as your practice and case management you will be supported by a thriving user community.

The P4W User Group is made up of legal professionals who are interested in using P4W to its full potential in their firms.  The group enhances communication between Tikit and the P4W users, as well as providing users with the perfect opportunity to collaborate with other firms. P4W is developed with this in mind. The User Group meetings are held twice a year and provide the foundations for further product development.

Jane Pritchard says that “the group is essentially a platform for like-minded legal professionals to get together and help each other improve their businesses by using the full offering of software they already have.  They come together in spite of the fact they’re in competition with each other, because ultimately it benefits them and their clients”.

Why join the P4W User Group community?

Becoming a member costs just £200 per year for your whole firm.

Membership means that you and a number of colleagues can attend your chosen Regional User Group for free.  Your will also receive a 40% discount on each individual delegate ticket you purchase for employees of your firm to attend the two day National User Group Conference in November.

If you have any questions regarding the User Group please contact hello@tikit.com.

The P4W User Group Committee:

The P4W User Group in the interim is currently chaired by Kelly Rotherham. He is supported by Peter Carr of Fisher Jones Greenwood, Liam Bramwell, from Keebles, who is the northern regional chair, Richard Hill, from Gregg Latchams, who is chair for the South West region and Jamie Abrahams, from Harold Benjamin, who is the group’s Treasurer.

Peter Carr, Interim User Group Chair and South East Regional Chair

Peter Carr, Interim User Group Chair and South East Regional Chair

Partner, Fisher Jones Greenwood

To contact Peter, please click here.

Jamie Abrahams, User Group Treasurer

Jamie Abrahams, User Group Treasurer

Operations Director at Harold Benjamin

To contact Jamie, please click here.

Liam Bramwell, Northern Regional Chair

Liam Bramwell, Northern Regional Chair

IT Systems Administator and Tikit P4W Case Management Developer at hlw Keeble Hawson LLP

To contact Liam, please click here.

Richard Hill, South West Regional Chair

Richard Hill, South West Regional Chair

Managing Director at Gregg Latchams

To contact Richard, please click here.

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