Relationship management

Relationship management

Tikit Connect is a relationship management and business development tool.  It has been designed specifically with law firms in mind.  And it is fully integrated with Tikit’s email marketing and practice management solutions.

Tikit Connect, an industry leading relationship management tool, provides you with an easy-to-use database right from day one.  It’s fully integrated with Tikit P4W and other SQL based practice management systems.   Effectively communicate with your clients and develop your business.

Business development

Search your company database using Tikit Connect.  Find the right people to create segmented marketing lists. There is no need to worry about data duplication.  All information from Tikit Connect is fed back into your practice management system.

Email marketing

Tikit Connect is fully integrated with Tikit eMarketing.  This provides your firm with the perfect platform to build relationships with your clients. Track the success of each email campaign through the reporting dashboard in eMarketing.  Push that information back into Tikit Connect to maximise your email marketing success.

Track business leads

Tikit Connect helps you track your business leads.  It will also run reports based on your criteria.  Track activities against your contacts and create tailored marketing lists.  Set it up to suit you.  Whether you want to track how many leads you are receiving from your website or create segmented marketing lists for events, Tikit Connect does this for you.

Why Tikit Connect?

  • Better communication
  • Develop your business
  • Effectively manage your firm’s contacts
  • Integrated with Tikit P4W and any other SQL based practice management system
  • Fully integrated with Tikit eMarketing for better conversations with your clients

Make relationship management work for you with Tikit Connect

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