Fully integrated with Tikit P4W, are two GBG products that streamline the customer on‐boarding process.

GBG Matchcode360 validates personal information, confirming that landline and mobile phone numbers, as well as addresses, are accurate in just one click. This not only saves customers’ time; it also makes sure you have all customer data recorded accurately at first point of contact. All of this provides the best start for a lasting customer relationship.

GBG ID3global provides fast and compliant identity verification, to confirm an individual is who they say they are. In addition GBG can authenticate of official identity documents, such as a passport or driving licence.

About GBG

GBG is a global specialist in Identity Data Intelligence. They help organisations to make decisions about the customers they serve and the people they employ.

Through their fundamental belief that the digital economy relies on everyone having access to data they can trust they enable companies and governments to fight fraud and cybercrime, to improve the customer experience and help to protect the more vulnerable people in our society.

Headquartered in Chester (UK) and with people in 17 countries they provide solutions to many of the world’s biggest organisations, from established brands like HSBC and Zurich Insurance to disruptive newcomers such as Stripe and Plus500.

GBG provides a number of business solutions that inform decisions about customers or employees across the following key areas:

  • Verifying identities – They provide more innovative ways of confirming identity than simply relying on credit data. Their solutions check the identities of more than 4.4 billion people worldwide and also verify citizens of the world’s largest economies to the rigorous standards set by the world’s financial regulators.
  • Registering identities – GBG solutions facilitate the registration of identity data, such as name and address, contact information and social network IDs, quickly and with minimum impact on the customer experience. Fighting fraud – our fraud prevention solutions not only check new customer details in real time as they register, but monitor and detect application and transaction fraud on an ongoing basis.
  • Locating people – GBG technology confirms and locates the people our clients need to connect with. It saves valuable time and resource and ensures that good customers don’t incur the cost of inefficient processes.
  • Employing people – They provide thorough background checks through the online verification of individuals and key documents such as a driver’s licence, enabling organisations to safeguard, recruit and engage with confidence.
  • Building relationships – They work collaboratively with clients to make sure they use the data their customers share with them to create personalised customer journeys for each individual, responding to every interaction in real time.


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