Dictation and Speech Recognition

BigHand – Automatically import transcribed text straight into the case document and maximise fee earner efficiency.

Want to get more done in less time? BigHand can help. Fully integrated with P4W, BigHand offers dictation and speech recognition technologies to maximise the efficiency of your fee earners. Generating your dictations direct from P4W provides an intuitive link back to the case and the document for your secretary from within the BigHand application. For speech recognition users, the ability to pre-select the template on the P4W case file enables BigHand to automatically import the transcribed text straight into the document, formatted accordingly. Quick, intuitive, and efficient; an inevitable result of bringing together two market leading applications together.

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Case study P4W & BigHand Data Sheet

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P4W & BigHand Data Sheet

Case study Eric Robinson BigHand Case Study

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Eric Robinson BigHand Case Study