Client communication

The Link App is a mobile communication app that streamlines law firm communications with its clients.  Fully integrated with the Tikit P4W Case Manager, it provides a dedicated secure channel for communication related to a specific case and updates can be shared with the client at the click of a button.

Send notifications in less than 30 seconds

Lawyers are able to share information relevant to the case with their clients at a click of a button within the P4W Case Manager.  This notification then goes straight to the client’s mobile phone, providing a more efficient customer service and real time communication.

More efficient communication

20% of notifications sent through The Link App are read within the first 60 seconds of receipt.


The Link App is armed with a 256‐bit SSL data encryption to make sure data is secure. This is the level of encryption that most UK banks use to give users piece of mind when sending communications.

Key features:

  • Document sharing
  • Real time communication
  • Form filling
  • Push notifications
  • Interactive chat with clients
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Case study The Link App Data Sheet

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The Link App Data Sheet