Codeless Platforms’ TaskCentre

TaskCentre enables you to automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily. Its innovative drag and drop, point and click technology removes the need for extensive coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.

One platform, four capabilities

Notifications and alerts

The notifications and alerts capability provides you with the ability to automatically distribute email and SMS messages 24/7, 365 days a year.

Examples: Aged debtor updates, missing or incomplete data, month end notification, money laundering ID checks, unbilled time, KPI overruns.

Report and document automation

The report and document automation capability automates the creation and distribution of internal or external reports or documents.

Examples: Credit control letters, aged debtor reports, compliance documents.

Date integration and synchronisation

Integrate applications, systems and web services via easy-to-use, graphical tools.

Examples: Integrating ERP systems, CRM solutions, accounting software, marketing software.

Workflow and human interaction

Whether your workflow process involves a single level or a multistage workflow authorisation process, our capability enables you to start small but scale quickly.

Examples: Incomplete data workflow, credit limit reviews, monitoring payment plans, authorisations & expense approvals.

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