Create design-quality pitch documents in minutes with PitchPerfect.

Our marketing and business development ecosystem now includes Enable’s PitchPerfect. With this software, anyone can create pitch documents quickly and efficiently.

Everything within the solution is accessed from a familiar interface; Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. On-brand, unique templates are easily accessible from the ribbon within both programs. All content is kept in a central location, Microsoft SharePoint, or within your chosen CMS which PitchPerfect can be integrated with.

A familiar interface

Everything in PitchPerfect is accessed from a familiar location: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This means less training, fewer questions and faster adoption.

On brand templates 

Included with PitchPerfect are unique, fully-branded templates which are all accessible from a ribbon in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. This means you can work in the document from the beginning. And it’s not limited to pitches
– a template can be created for any document you need, including bios, team sheets, deal sheets, capability statements and other materials.

One true source

Knowing where your content is and being able to keep it updated is essential. That’s why everything is kept in a central location; Microsoft SharePoint – for the best integration to Microsoft Office.

If your content is already stored in a CMS, we can integrate with that too. To make it even easier, approval workflows can be built so that anyone can edit content, (but only approved people can publish the updates).

Intuitive search

What happens once all your content is in order? You need to find and insert it into documents. With PitchPerfect’s search screens, you can do just this without having to copy and paste. You can also refine your search with keywords and drop-down lists and as content is updated real-time, you can be sure that you are inserting the most up-to-date information.

RFIs and tenders

Often RFPs and tenders require you to answer specific questions, or use pre-defined templates. With PitchPerfect you can search past questions and answers to find the most appropriate response quickly (with ranked results based on question relevance). It is then simple to insert the content into any template – in tables or as plain text.

Firm wide collaboration 

With high demand and fast turn-around times, it’s important to have input from the maximum number of people. PitchPerfect works with the most advanced collaboration tools in Microsoft Office and is made available to the whole firm.

Pitch analysis

How can you improve your pitching process? Start with measuring the effectiveness of your current process. With PitchPerfect, recording information can be easy. Using the optional or required side panel, people are prompted to record the information they want to capture about the proposal. You can use this information to manage your proposals, analyse data and report results.



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