Imagine a world where the age old challenges of CRM adoption were smoothed away and you could spend your time making use of the data you have, rather than just making sure it’s complete and accurate.

It’s here!

Automated contact data capture
Firms traditionally struggle to get lawyers to engage with the processes of capturing contact details, putting them into the firm’s CRM system and updating those details when necessary. Introhive does away with the need to do these things. Instead, its AI scans contact interaction across the firm, including emails and calendars to pick up the latest intelligence on each of the contacts. It then emails users to check if it’s okay to synchronise this data into the contact database. The result is that client data remains clean, accurate and comprehensive. As a result, the firm saves an average of 5.5 hours per CRM user, per week: time which can be redeployed on fee-earning activity.

Relationship analytics
All communications between the firm and its external client and prospect contacts are collected and analysed by Introhive. Its algorithms then score the current warmth of relationships. Parameters include the frequency of contact and the speed of replies.

  • Introhive’s relationship analytics are unique because information is never stale, there’s also no opportunity for human error or gaps. It makes CRM data actionable.
  • At a glance the firm can see whether individual relationships are getting warmer or cooling off.
  • The system also enables better internal collaboration on key accounts.

Mobile capability
As Introhive communicates with users through email, it can be used in or out of the office. The system puts it’s account briefings and reports straight into people’s mailboxes.

Data visibility
Introhive can see from a lawyer’s calendar when they have a client meeting scheduled and then automatically prepare and send an email briefing on that client a day before the meeting. The system also requests a post-meeting update which is automatically added to the CRM.

Its as easy as 1,2,3

Through automation and the revelation of hidden relationship and business insights Introhive’s cutting edge mix of features come together in three main ways to boost your revenue.

Creates, connects, enriches and syncs contacts

From email, calendar, mobile, social data and more, Introhive captures missing contact data from multiple sources and automatically keeps your information accurate and reliable.

Analyses and scores relationships

So you can see your relationship scores at a glance, nurture existing relationships and find our who knows who – for easier access to warm introductions.

Delivers proactive and on-demand insights

Including account digests, recommendations and pre-meeting reports sent automatically to your inbox and containing relevant client and personal insights from CRM, marketing, practice management and chosen external sources.

Winning advantages for every team

  • Lawyers – Enhance visibility into the essential relationships that grow revenue.
  • Business development – Equip BD teams with the data that they need to target and win new business
  • Marketing – Reach the right audience with with smart, relationship-centric marketing lists for targeted campaigns
  • Data stewards – Break free from unreliable manual data entry with intelligent automation.

Case study PwC invested in Introhive's solution to give people a much clearer view of the intricate ways in which they are connected to their clients and prospects.

Published in Briefing Magazine.

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PwC invested in Introhive's solution to give people a much clearer view of the intricate ways in which they are connected to their clients and prospects.

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