viu is a real-time Client Engagement Platform that combines client feedback and other insights to help you form a deeper understanding of client sentiment.

Maintaining relevance in a digital economy

The emergence of digital and disruptive technologies has far reaching consequences for legal firms. Traditional core products and services face commoditisation and increased competition as opportunities to maintain good, close personal relationships diminish.

The underlying need to demonstrate a ‘customer centric’ approach to client management is now a competitive necessity and a demanding challenge.

Benefitting from the viu Client Engagement Platform

viu is a real-time Client Engagement Platform that combines client feedback and other insights to help you form a deeper understanding of client sentiment. With clear direction you’re able to build stronger more durable client relationships that reduce the risk of client attrition.

Signpost indicators help you identify optimum opportunities to introduce new products and services and earn business referrals. viu promotes a firm-wide focus on client engagement, joining up separate internal functions into a holistic unified approach that provide seamless and consistent individual client experiences.

Simple viu methodology

Working in tandem with your client management system viu is able to invite client feedback at key points of interaction most likely to prompt a response.

By focussing on your client’s agenda first (what they want to say) viu creates positive engagement, which then presents an opportunity to learn more through a structured survey (what the firm wants to know) that builds detailed business insights.

Client feedback and sentiments are shared internally at the point of interaction and with other stakeholders, so that those best able to respond can react and manage appropriately using the digital tool suite offered by viu.



viu uses NPS® (Net Promoter Score) as one of two key metrics to support firms. NPS® provides a universal scoring metric based on propensity to ‘recommend’ that helps firms triage client sentiment into three principal types: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. Recognising the sentiments displayed by these three types helps firms expedite the appropriate responses.

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The propensity to recommend alone does not necessarily translate into transactional behaviour. Recognising this viu has developed vES™ a metric that looks at the importance of engagement as a key driver for transaction. Focussing on four key principals vES™ assesses degrees of engagement based on how easy a firm is to deal with, how valued a client feels, the degree to which the firm recognises and acknowledges the client and the overall level of rapport.

vES™ metrics identify weaker areas of engagement perceived by the client allowing firms to tailor future interaction around these preferences and enhance individual experiences.

Both NPS® and vES™ metrics are given individually client by client and shown in the aggregate, so that comparisons can be drawn against averages.

Insights and benchmarking

Business insights are formed from the output of a structured survey that focusses on KPI’s that are common to the legal sector. A series of questions measure client values appropriated around key transactional areas including Responsiveness, Transparency, Approach and Quality.

Aggregate scores and trend analysis allow firms to determine areas of improvement and evaluate ongoing performance.

The commonality of these survey questions can be expressed as a national sector average so that firms can benchmark their individual performances against industry averages.

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