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Nobody wants email marketing to be difficult, time consuming or complex. Tikit eMarketing puts you in control.

Legal firms are well-placed to generate information rich content that prospects and clients will want to receive. But for communications to move the dial, you need to target the right people, with the right message, at the right time with the results flowing back into your CRM system.  Tikit eMarketing has been developed with end-to-end communications in mind.

The ability to create high quality, high impact, clearly branded communications is entirely in your hands:

  • No need to bring in third parties to create your emails. You ’do it yourself’ in a clear, intuitive, drag and drop interface.
  • Create amend and design your own templates in-house, in a system that gives you infinite flexibility.
  • Maintain complete control of your brand identity with templates, style sheets and approved images, which ensure that everyone’s emails are on brand at all times.
  • The firm’s URL will be the only one that ever appears on your mailing.
  • Sophisticated email designers have ultimate control over the content – they can work directly in HTML to take the message ‘over the top’.

Targeted emails can drive 18 times more response than broadcast emails,

So firms need to measure the engagement that they get from their marketing communications and use this intelligence to inform the message and future targeting. Tikit eMarketing:

  • Records the response to an email directly in to InterAction (we provide the deepest available integration with InterAction).
  • Monitors clicks, opens, categories, exclusions, social media preferences and even behaviour patterns against both the company and the contact.
  • Registers and manages the contact’s details and mailing preferences, including the topics that they are interested in and the language they would prefer.
  • Allows you to send ‘dynamic content’ emails – meaning that while only one email goes out, each recipient only gets the information that they are interested in.
  • Has in-built opt in and opt out functionality so compliance is never a problem.
  • Provides instant feedback on the success of a campaign.

Streamlined event management

Managing events can be a challenge, Tikit eMarketing streamlines the process:

  • Create an event and add in in event data.
  • Event data available as variables in emails and forms.
  • Data entered into event forms added straight into CRM – capture responses, requirements and options easily.
  • Take payment via PayPal or PayFlow.
  • Automatic confirmation emails with calendar appointment.
  • Web based checking capability allows tracking of attendees, no shows and walk-ins.
  • Copy entire event for easy re-use.

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