Tikit Connect

Tikit Connect is a contacts management solution. It was developed specifically for law firms and integrates with any SQL based PMS.

Your clients are the life blood of your business. Keeping them informed with regular and relevant information positively influences their loyalty to your firm.

We understand that good communication is also the key to developing and growing your business. Tikit Connect can help you with just that as it does exactly what it says on the tin! It connects you with your clients and customers and enables you to stay in touch and develop your business.

Why you need Tikit Connect

Tikit Connect combines firm wide business development and contact management functionality with low cost of ownership and ease of implementation.

What’s more our application sits in Microsoft Outlook so the interface will be familiar, meaning that the need for training is limited and user acceptance a given.

If you’re still not convinced read these articles and blogs:

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Case study Tikit Connect Data Sheet

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Tikit Connect Data Sheet
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