Tikit Connect

Tikit Connect is a straightforward, contact management solution developed specifically for law firms. It sits within the familiar Outlook environment and typically helps small to mid-sized firms maintain up-to-date contact details with the minimum of fuss, as well as help to deliver accurately targeted emarketing campaigns. Tikit eMarketing is a standard component within Tikit Connect.

Tikit Connect provides:

–  A single point of data entry – contacts added to Outlook can be simultaneously added to Tikit Connect. This means there is no duplication of contact data and, because contact data is synchronised between both systems, the contact record in Outlook is always identical with that in Tikit Connect.

– Contact preferences – Tikit Connect allows firms to capture the preferences of their contacts through firm specific segmentation/ tracking fields. Remembering contact preferences is a key factor in showing the contact that they are important to the firm. Continually asking them the same questions gives the impression that they are just a number.

Targeting – Based on their own search criteria, users can easily create a list of contacts by dragging and dropping fields into a report, which can be exported to Excel. This enables very accurate targeting.

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More features include:

– Email marketing – Tikit Connect makes it straightforward and quick to generate, send and manage bulk emails. It is based on the core concept of ‘closed loop communications’ – which is to say it records the results of a firm’s emarketing interactions direct in to the CRM. What’s more there are no additional costs, regardless of how many emails you send.

– Flexible design options – No need to bring in third parties to create emails. Firms can create, amend and design their own templates in-house, in a system that gives infinite flexibility.

Event management – An inbuilt event management capability tracks event participants and their preferences. It also provides the ability to look at the success of events throughout the year and generate ROI metrics.

Track marketing activity – Marketing activity can be tracked at the individual contact level. Leads from the firm’s website, emails received and events attended etc. can also be tracked. Everyone in the firm can see which communications and events their contact has been invited to and the level of engagement by that contact.

– Contacts clean their own data – In addition contacts can manage their contact details and mailing preferences. This makes a major contribution to helping maintain high quality contact information, it promotes opt-in marketing best practices and greatly assists the firm in their data / spam compliance initiatives.

Analysis – TIkit Connect keeps track of who has been communicated with, which mailings they’ve received and how they’ve responded to each one. It records message clicks, opens, categories, exclusions, bounce-backs and failures. It empowers users to target and refine marketing activity to generate the strongest ROI. The system automatically calculates a score for each contact based on their response to marketing activity – the ‘Marketing Engagement Index’. This gives a measure of how engaged a contact is with a fims marketing communication and how that engagement is changing over time

– Compliance. The inbuilt compliance functionality facilitates compliance with GDPR and CASLS legislation.