Red Sift’s OnDMARC

Never fall foul of phishing emails and keep your firm’s sensitive information safe.

91% of phishing attacks start with email and email impersonation continues to be one of the most effective attack vectors.

By impersonating a respected firm’s email identity, cybercriminals are able to trick recipients into handing over money, data or clicking on infected attachments or links.

This is where DMARC comes in. Domain‐based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication protocol built on SPF and DKIM security protocols that stops criminals being able to fake an email. By adding a reporting and enforcement function DMARC enables domain owners to block fraudulent senders from using their domain.

OnDMARC is a cloud‐based Domain‐based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) application that helps organisations secure their domains against impersonation. It is built on an AI cyber security platform which makes the implementation of protection clearer, simpler and more secure.

OnDMARC implements, configures and maintains DMARC in a simple and effective way through:


  • Analyse and interpret DMARC reports from their configured domains and identify any unauthorised traffic.
  • Use simple dashboards to easily spot any misconfigurations and analyse the scale and frequency of spoofing attacks.


  • Block the fraudulent sources of email or generate an updated SPF and DKIM record based on simple ‘yes or no’ responses to actions.
  • Enable firms to overcome the 10 SPF look up limit that’s a common cause of email authentication failure


  • Continually monitor and report on any security or configuration issues.
  • Easily update DMARC configuration to include new services

Tikit partners with Mimecast and Red Sift to deliver seamless end‐to‐end email encryption to protect clients against cyberattacks.  Using SPF and DKIM from Red Sift’s OnDMARC product increases email deliverability and offers users the ability to monitor SPF and DKIM on an ongoing basis to keep the firm’s sensitive data protected.

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