Introhive automates contact data capture and provides sophisticated relationship analytics. The aim is to give firms reliable, actionable data to boost client retention, seize new business opportunities and head off client departures through:

Automated contact data capture. Firms traditionally struggle to get lawyers to engage with the processes of capturing contact details, putting them into the firm’s CRM system, and updating details when necessary. Introhive does away with the need to do these things. Instead, its AI scans contact interaction across the firm, including emails and calendars to pick up the latest intelligence on each of the contacts. It then emails users to check if it’s okay to synchronise this data into the contact database. The result is that client data remains clean, accurate and comprehensive. As a result, the firm saves an average of 5.5 hours per CRM user/per week: time which can be redeployed on fee-earning activity.

Relationship analytics. All communications between the firm and its external client and prospect contacts are collected and analysed by Introhive. Its algorithms then score the current warmth of relationships. Parameters include the frequency of contact and the speed of replies.

Mobile capability. As Introhive communicates with users through email, it can be used in or out of the office. People can receive and respond to emails from their phone or tablet, any time, anywhere. Likewise, the system puts its account briefings and reports straight into people’s mailboxes. They don’t even have to log in to access the information.

Data visibility. Introhive can see from a lawyer’s calendar when they have a client meeting scheduled, and then automatically prepare and send an email briefing on that client a day before the meeting. The system also requests a post-meeting update which is automatically added to the CRM.

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How Tikit and Introhive can help your firm build and understand the relationships your firm holds.