Improving CRM management with Introhive

Introhive tackles the challenge of end-user engagement head on by almost eliminating the effort required by end-users to contribute information into the CRM system. With good, accurate data flowing automatically into your CRM, your business development initiatives will have a significantly greater chance of success.

Having ensured that there is good contact and activity data flowing into the CRM system, Introhive offers further benefits by automatically analysing all of your firm’s relationships and mapping them. Surfacing relationships in this way leads to better internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerate the sales process.

How Tikit and Introhive can help your firm build and understand the relationships your firm holds.

Get the highest return on your CRM investment with client data automation

Do away with manual data entry and focus on what matters. While CRMs have gone to great lengths to reduce data entry, Introhive has all but eliminated it, resulting in cleaner, more comprehensive and more powerful data.

It syncs with your existing CRM system to automatically update client and contact records and to pull in data from a broad set of internal and external data sources (such as emails, calendars and social networks). There’s no manual data entry, effectively eliminating:

  • Information gaps and human error.
  • On average 5.5 hours per CRM user, per week. That’s an extra month for each CRM user, each year.

Best of all, customer relationship automation makes your teams more proficient because everyone has a 360-degree view of your industry contacts. When CRM data becomes actionable, your team can immediately use it to boost client retention and accelerate new business opportunities.

That’s because Introhive’s ‘Customer Relationship Automation’ is:

  • Packaged so that your users can easily understand and use the data.
  • Delivered to your users on the platforms they use most, such as email or mobile.
  • Predictive because it answers your firm’s most important question: Is this relationship moving in the right direction? Either way, you will have the data you need to take appropriate action

Make data actionable with relationship intelligence automation

Introhive analyses all of your firm’s relationships and maps them together. This leads to internal collaboration on key accounts and warm introductions that accelerates the business development process.

Intelligence, everywhere you need it. Introhive integrates your account, contact, lead and opportunity records with the ubiquitous mobile and email platforms your people prefer to use. This means everyone has a complete picture of key accounts and contacts, no matter where they are, and even if they aren’t logged into your CRM.

Relationship intelligence automation instantly turns data into actions your team can take to drive revenue.  It takes CRM light-years beyond a mere salesreporting tool into a powerful instrument that helps marketing and business development professionals orchestrate relationships and close deals faster.


It gives your team knowledge that would be challenging, if not impossible, to gain on their own – a crystal-clear, 360-degree view of their marketplace. This is achieved by collecting all of the communication between your firm and the organisations of your clients and prospects, including transactional data, social contacts, activities and behavioral information.

Relationship intelligence automation instantly turns this data into actionable insights your team can use to accelerate sales and strengthen relationships with clients. The automation aspect collects more data, which means more intelligence, which means your team can easily uncover new opportunities. To achieve this without automation would be extremely time-consuming, if not impossible.

Instantly see where you stand in the marketplace with relationship analytics

Every firm needs to unlock new opportunities and protect key clients. Introhive’s relationship scoring algorithm helps you to do both.

Relationship reporting empowers you to stay on top of all of your firm’s key contacts and accounts. Stop reacting and start proactively managing your most important relationships by integrating relationship data into existing reports and dashboards.

Introhive relationship analytics stand apart because:

  • It’s never stale. Instead, it provides up-to-the moment insight, so you know at a glance where your prospects are on the sales cycle and how effectively you’re engaging existing customers.
  • It’s automated. Introhive does away with manual data entry. Instead, your contact and client records will automatically sync with data from external data sources such as emails, calendars and social networks.
  • It’s accurate. There’s no opportunity for human error or gaps, so you can rest assured that the relationship score is spot on.
  • It makes CRM data actionable. Introhive relationship analytics transforms your CRM’s data into actionable information. At a glance, you’ll see where customers and prospects have been, and where they’re going. Most importantly, you will have the intelligence needed to continually strengthen your organisation’s most important relationships.

Tikit has a long history of success with helping firms better manage their relationships With over 120 firms using our e-marketing software and a CRM consulting team dedicated to the legal sector, we understand that law firms’ challenges associated with CRM adoption are largely due to the difficulties in getting end-users engaged in the process. We believe that Introhive not only solves this problem, but helps drive relationship management and development.

About Introhive

Introhive is a relationship data science platform for CRM that helps drive user adoption and consumption of CRM data. Their focus is on email and mobility to allow end users to use the CRM where they work the most. Founded in 2012, Introhive is a venture-funded company with investors that include, Build Ventures, GAP CIT, Growthworks, NBIF and

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