Marketing & Business Development

Tikit’s Marketing & Business Development ecosystem supplies a comprehensive, connected environment where the key tasks which support contact relationship nurturing take place.

Our marketing and business development solutions

Tikit Connect

Tikit Connect is a straightforward, contact management solution developed specifically for law firms. It sits within the familiar Outlook environment and typically helps small to mid-sized firms maintain up-to-date contact details with the minimum of fuss, as well as help to deliver accurately targeted emarketing campaigns. Tikit eMarketing is a standard component within Tikit Connect.…

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Tikit eMarketing

Nobody wants email marketing to be difficult, time consuming or complex. Tikit eMarketing puts you in control. Legal firms are well-placed to generate information rich content that prospects and clients will want to receive. But for communications to move the dial, you need to target the right people, with the right message, at the right…

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Create design-quality pitch documents in minutes with PitchPerfect. Our marketing and business development ecosystem now includes Enable's PitchPerfect. With this software, anyone can create pitch documents quickly and efficiently. Everything within the solution is accessed from a familiar interface; Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. On-brand, unique templates are easily accessible from the ribbon within both programs.…

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Introhive automates contact data capture and provides sophisticated relationship analytics. The aim is to give firms reliable, actionable data to boost client retention, seize new business opportunities and head off client departures through: Automated contact data capture. Firms traditionally struggle to get lawyers to engage with the processes of capturing contact details, putting them into the…

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Red Sift's OnDMARC

Never fall foul of phishing emails and keep your firm’s sensitive information safe. 91% of phishing attacks start with email and email impersonation continues to be one of the most effective attack vectors. By impersonating a respected firm’s email identity, cybercriminals are able to trick recipients into handing over money, data or clicking on infected…

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