Marketing & Business Development

Our solutions are tailored to meet the marketing and business development needs of the modern law firm.

Our marketing and business development solutions

Tikit Connect

Tikit Connect is a straightforward contact management solution, developed specifically for law firms and integrates with any SQL based PMS. The system helps to centralise your contact data and maintain up-to-date details on those contacts with minimum effort. It sits in Microsoft Outlook so the interface is familiar and very easy to use. Tikit Connect…

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Tikit eMarketing

Nobody wants e-marketing to be difficult, time consuming or complex so Tikit eMarketing puts you in control. Our Marketing and business development solution is a set of tightly integrated applications that enable access to accurate and current information about a firm's connectedness to a contact in a database. Using Tikit Connect for contact management, Tikit…

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Introhive tackles the challenge of end-user engagement head on by almost eliminating the effort required by end-users to contribute information into the CRM system. With good, accurate data flowing automatically into your CRM, your business development initiatives will have a significantly greater chance of success. Having ensured that there is good contact and activity data…

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