General Counsel

Clever technology solutions designed to help legal teams

Today, everyone is busy. But, it’s still fair to say that in-house counsel is under exceptional pressure. Although the average size of in-house legal teams is rising, it’s also often the case that their workload is increasing.

Additionally in-house teams are now being asked to operate within, not necessarily tighter budgets, but certainly ones which are subject to a higher level of scrutiny than previously; budgets that need to be accounted for and which need to demonstrate that value for money is being achieved.

To compound this, for a range of reasons, in-house counsel has traditionally not enjoyed the same access to legal technology as their peers in private practice. However that’s all changing now. With the introduction of cloud-based software solutions, access to legal software has been democratised.

Tikit offer a carefully curated set of legal applications that have the power to assist legal professionals to be more effective and productive.  Through the power of the cloud, these are now within reach for teams of all sizes:

Document management simplified for in-house teams

Time recording for General Counsel