Document lifecycle management

Document lifecycle management has been a mainstay of law firms since the days lawyers first put pen to paper. Document management however, is just one piece of the puzzle. With hundreds of thousands, even millions of documents and emails being created, received and shared annually by a law firm, making sure there’s a document lifecycle strategy in place is imperative.

Why work with Tikit?

We have been working with law firms for over 20 years and we have experts all over the world that are helping law firms with their document lifecycle management both locally and internationally.

Over this time we have teamed up with many providers.  The reason we choose work with all of these partners is because we know that they are the best at what they do. We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’.

There are many ways in which a law firm can build a document lifecycle management platform and we work with our clients to deliver and integrate the tools that best suit their firm’s objectives.

Document creation

The creation of a document in a consistent and presentable form is essential in promoting the firm’s value and brand. A properly formatted document improves readability and provides the foundation for effective communication and collaboration with clients.

Producing legal documents however, is often considered the #1 overhead item and as such efficiencies surrounding the legal document can provide firms with a distinct competitive advantage by reducing the overall cost of service delivery.

Document and email storage and workspaces

The initial creation of a document is the first step in the cycle, however once created, the nature of law firm service delivery and compliance requires:

  • An efficient iterative evolution of the document (including client collaboration) on the road to final form (official record)
  • Easy and efficient access to the document for potential re-use
  • Accurate tracking including its precise location throughout its lifecycle

To facilitate the above, the initial storage of the document is critical. The ability to rapidly store the document centrally (including paper documents) within an electronic matter file, with appropriate security and agreed protocols, is the foundation for future accessibility and compliance. Not to mention that from a security and business continuity perspective the benefits of electronic documents are clear.

Retrieve, search and interrogate

Law firms can receive and produce mountains of paper legal documents. If all of these documents sit in filing cabinets, or on desktops, they are not connected to your document management system. And if they are not connected to your DMS then it can be difficult to search and retrieve vital information.

If your teams can find documents and interrogate information easily it quickly can lead to improved productivity and a more agile service delivery, enabling your firm to remain ahead of the rest, in an ever increasingly competitive environment.

Secure sharing and collaboration

Law firms need to share, compare and collaborate on documents… Lots of them! With colleagues that work off-site, clients, partner firms and with outside consultants. You need to provide an environment to allow this. One that won’t compromise on security and governance, and that can be deployed easily or, if required, tailored to meet the needs of your firm and your clients.

Archive and dispose

Electronically stored documents are a lot easier to retrieve if needed, so the days of your client or fee earners having a long wait for a document, or file, to be pulled from your archives are over!

It also goes without saying that the cost and space required for long term storage can be dramatically reduced and when the time for disposal comes this can be automated, adhering to pre-agreed principles and protocols, making sure your firm stays compliant while making life simpler.

Template Management

Tikit TMS allows you to transform documents into your house style in a matter of minutes. Maintaining document consistency across a firm is tough. It’s difficult when your firm is multi-sited and tougher still when those sites span borders and continents. Most law firms will have tens, if not hundreds, of templates – for letters, precedents,…

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Document Management

Work securely, anytime, anywhere with Tikit and NetDocuments. As a business we have a deep understanding of the full legal document lifecycle and DMS solutions that goes back more than 20 years.  This partnership is the first of its kind for NetDocuments.  We will leverage our deep understanding of the legal technology sector to supply, implement and support…

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Document comparison and sharing

Create, compare and share documents quickly and safely firm wide regardless of jurisdiction. Securely share large and sensitive files and documents with internal and external users. Document sharing and collaboration is a critical element to effective working. It sounds like a very simple thing to achieve, but all too often when you have a number…

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