Tikit Template Management System (TMS)

The efficient creation of a document in a consistent and presentable form is essential in promoting the firm’s value and brand. A properly formatted document improves readability and provides the foundation for effective communication and collaboration with clients.

Tikit Template Management System (Tikit TMS) allows your users to efficiently produce consistent, branded documents across your entire firm – even when your firm is multi-sited and spans borders and continents.

The process of document creation is central to the way a law firm works. The process has to be simple, efficient and lead to consistently branded documents. Taking control of the document production process means having an effective set of curated Microsoft Office templates. However, designing, deploying and maintaining these templates can be complex and difficult.

Traditional macro-based template management wastes time, leaves you exposed to compliance risks and provides a barrier to upgrading to the newest version of Office. Tikit TMS has been designed to address these challenges. The application requires no specific development skill and streamlines your templates for operational efficiency and brand consistency.

Key benefits

No need for coding

Create, maintain and control all of your MS Office templates without code – giving you a faster deployment vs code based systems.

Easy configuration

Design, maintain and adapt all of your Office templates using a simple configuration tool – greater end user adoption, lower support burden for IT and simple to re-brand if necessary.

Ease of use

The application utilises all current MS Office tools available. Its organised, structured template library makes it easy to manage, store, find and amend templates. ‘Fill in the blanks’ functionality for basic documents, reduces risk of user error and increases automation.

Global templates

Full multi jurisdiction and multi language support – suitable for firms with global reach.


Content editor task pane –centralise document edits for 100% consistency throughout the document lifecycle.

NetDocuments sychronisation

All changes to your firms documents synchronise effortlessly with your NetDocuments platform.

Tikit Restyler can apply consistent styles to any legal document easily

Document consistency is essential to the modern law firm, but can be time consuming and difficult to achieve. Tikit ReStyler solves this challenge by streamlining the application of house styles to any legal document. With ReStyler you simply define a set of rules for the house style and these can be applied on similar documents any time you require – you’re a few clicks away from a consistently styled document! This saves both fee-earners and support staff time and frustration with document formatting.

Key benefits:

Consistency and accuracy

Tikit ReStyler makes branding easy without users having to spend hours of precious time wrestling with manual document formatting. Formatting issues and unwanted style elements are repaired, and predefined style ‘rules’ can be created for users with just a few clicks.

User experience

Tikit ReStyler sits within Microsoft Word, to provide a seamless and familiar, user experience. It complements the Microsoft Word ribbon, giving the users the ability to clean and reformat even the most rebellious documents quickly.

Cost efficient

ReStyler is a Microsoft Word add on. Therefore there is no requirement to purchase unfamiliar underlying infrastructure to support it, it simply slots into your existing technology stack.

Purchasing Tikit ReStyler with Tikit TMS provides firms with a complete document production kit. As a package combined with implementation from our leading document consultants, Tikit TMS is the most cost effective document solution on the market.

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