Prosperoware solves the challenge of switching your firm from a ‘open access’ model to a ‘need to know’ model.

Such switches while being in increasing demand by clients and regulators, can place a heavy burden on IT, risk, and the lawyers themselves. Prosperoware allows matter teams to access the information they need, when they need it without the necessity for intervention by IT and with the access fully audited.

A robust information governance strategy has reduce the risk to law firms of managing large quantities of non-public data belonging to multiple clients. Firms need to track and report on the data they manage, secure it appropriately, and enable selective, controlled access to it. The challenge has always been the administrative overhead associated with such controls and the difficulty of flexibly managing it. Ethical wall or information barriers are traditionally centrally controlled through the risk process and access is determined by the risk team.

While appropriate in some situations an ethical wall solution is not flexible enough to make a solution for everyday use on all documents within the firm. Prosperoware CAM allows “need-to-know” security to be applied as a default and for the lawyer who ‘owns’ or is responsible for a matter to permit additional access as required.

As matter content is stored across multiple systems, managing access becomes more complex; best practice dictates that end users have the ability to request and grant access to matters or individual documents as appropriate. Service desks should be able to support the process.

Prosperoware CAM benefits:

  • Ability to apply different levels of access to workspaces and matter content for the firm, department, speciality group, client, or matter team.
  • Ability to grant or request access to matters and documents for users and service desk.
  • Different levels of approval for access requests.
  • Ability to distribute administration of groups such as department or speciality to designated end users.
  • Prevents ethical wall violations when granting access.
  • Leverages groups to avoid refiling.
  • Support for access expiration.
  • Approval via email reply.
  • Ability to enable pessimistic matter.

Prosperoware CAM makes the general application of pessimistic matter security possible with minimal impact to the firm thus minimising the firm’s exposure to an internal data breach.

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