NetDocuments for in-house legal teams

Legal teams are being increasingly pressured these days. As if looking after the legal work wasn’t enough, you’re increasingly tasked with risk, compliance, ethics and strategy as well.

The last thing you need to worry about is the integrity of documents and files (and where to find them!).

As the world’s leading cloud-based document and email management solution, NetDocuments lifts the complexity of electronic document management off your shoulders. In its place you get a secure, intuitive, feature-rich interface through which all your emails, documents and matter files can be instantly accessed.

NetDocuments’ seamless integration with Microsoft Office enables users to use the File/Open and File/Save features to easily store their documents to the correct matter / case file. The predictive email filing technology within the platform uses AI to accurately predict where emails and attachments should be filed.

Find what you need when you need it. The NetDocuments platform houses a powerful enterprise search engine that enables users to quickly reference or retrieve documents, emails and attachments as required.

With NetDocuments you can easily create, view, edit, and share documents on any desktop or mobile device without having to worry that you are putting your data at risk. There are also advanced, built-in tools and safeguards to help you collaborate (with version controls and audit trails) on complex documents with both internal and external stakeholders.

You can rest easy knowing that your data is backed up, secured, and properly regulated with the NetDocuments platform’s state-of-the-art security infrastructure and comprehensive governance protocols.

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The NetDocuments solution is now being delivered by Tikit, a world leader in legal technology solutions.

You’re in safe hands.

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