Connecting document management & sharing solutions

We are partners with both NetDocuments & HighQ so we know that a lot of firm’s use both platforms to file & share their documents.

Using these tools separately is good, but integrating them makes your firm even more efficient, so our clever developers came up with a connector to do just that.

What does the Tikit NetDocuments and HighQ Collaborate connector do?

It enables you to upload and share documents stored in NetDocuments to HighQ Collaborate, so you and your clients can benefit from the collaborative features of HighQ, whilst maintaining a full audit trail within your NetDocuments platform:

  • Seamless integration with NetDocuments – no need to export documents to upload them to HighQ Collaborate.
  • Ability to use HighQ’s ‘Large file send’ functionality to share documents and apply the necessary sharing options, without leaving the NetDocuments platform. With our connector the number of clicks and time it takes to do this is greatly reduced.
  • NetDocuments audit table is maintained.
  • Synchronization of document, folder and versions from NetDocuments to HighQ Collaborate.
  • Minimal user training as it is embedded in to the familiar word interface.