NetDocuments is a secure cloud-based document and email management system that allows you to store, search, share and collaborate on documents in one secure location.

Tikit has been working with organisations to improve their document and email management for over 25 years and now leverages this deep understanding of the legal technology sector to implement and support NetDocuments all over the world. With a collaborative approach, Tikit and NetDocuments are even better together, with a world-class cloud document and email management system, delivered and supported by Tikit’s industry leading consultancy, training and support teams.

Today’s firms and their clients need technology that is flexible, scalable, easy-to-use, and with end-to-end security and encryption. NetDocuments’ global platform allows firms to adapt and deliver the technology solutions and security their professionals need and their clients demand.

Law firm embraces cloud to improve service deliverability to its clients.

Find out why Merovitz Potechin LLP, took the plunge and moved to the cloud and the benefits it has brought them and their employees.


Gain complete control over data privacy and regulatory compliance with no impact to productivity or performance. NetDocuments provides data protection and military-grade encryption to its customers and their clients. NetDocuments single global platform and service means all NetDocuments customers and their clients benefit from the rigorous security, encryption, and compliance certifications NetDocuments has achieved. Security by inheritance through a single platform is only possible through their proprietary native cloud, multi-tenant technology.

The NetDocuments secure content services include:

  • Platform-wide security audits, attestations and compliance certifications including GDPR; ISO 27001, 27017, 27018; SOC 2 Type 2 and SOC 2+; HIPAA; FINRA/SEC; FIPS 140-2.
  • Dual-custody entropic cryptography for protection against self, subpoenas, ransomware and nation state attacks.
  • Customer-owned and managed encryption keys at the document and email level.
  • Geo-aware storage with ndFlexStore™ technology enabling cloud, Azure or local data storage.
  • Built-in data loss prevention.
  • Blockchain technology for document certification, secure delivery and digital identity management.
  • Two-factor authentication for internal and external people.
  • Dedicated security and compliance department to aid customer firms in client and security audits.


Markets never sleep, customers never stop, clients want more. NetDocuments supports evolving work styles, provides mobile access, and simplifies team collaboration. The faster a person can connect and get to work, the more efficient and effective they will be servicing their clients. NetDocuments enables people to work how they want, where they want, and across any device.

The NetDocuments platform delivers powerful productivity tools across a variety of products and interfaces, including:

  • ndSync™ for file and device synchronisation for Windows or Mac.
  • NDOffice™ Microsoft application integration and the Office 365 built-in integration for Word Online and Word iOS/Android apps.
  • ndMail™ for intelligent and predictive filing directly within Outlook.
  • ndThread™ for real-time matter-based messaging and collaboration.
  • Ability to annotate and comment within document viewing technology accessible from within MS Outlook or the web interface.
  • NetDocuments analytics and AI provides modern machine learning services, with pre-trained models such as predictive filing of emails across the global behaviour of users across the firm with increased accuracy.
  • A myriad of third-party applications offering a cloud-to-cloud experience and common UI within integrated desktop apps providing a common user experience across applications.


NetDocuments has delivered billions of files to thousands of global customers every day for nearly 20 years. They have earned the trust and respect of more than 2,500 global firms, Fortune 1000 corporations, and small and medium sized businesses by consistently delivering the performance, security, and productivity tools expected in today’s fast-paced economy.

All customers leverage the same powerful technology, benefiting from the same security, encryption and compliance, and reaping the benefits of a world-class enterprise content services platform.

  • NetDocuments provides full transparency and trust with its global service status page providing real-time system-wide performance metrics.
  • Platform updates are released on a regular basis.
  • Every second of the day, 24 x 7, thousands of transactions take place. Always on, always available.

Tikit are a safe pair of hands

  • Tikit are a NetDocuments Global Platinum Partner.
  • We have been accredited by NetDocuments in the delivery, training and support of their platform.
  • And have experience of delivering and supporting many of the market leading (past and present) document management solutions.
  • We are uniquely placed to advise on your document strategy and deliver the implementation, regardless of whether you are considering a new document solution, or replacing your current platform.

Tikit are ready

  • Our training team is NetDocuments certified and can deliver tailored onsite, remote or online training programmes to increase usage and adoption in a way that suits your business.
  • Our support team is available 24/7/365 and are ISO accredited.
  • We work with other partners whose applications can be integrated with NetDocuments to enhance your document solution, either at initial implementation or as your document strategy develops.

We have a proven track record

  • We have been implementing document management systems for over 25 years.
  • We have over 1,500 clients globally.

NetDocuments is not just for large law firms

Mid sized firms

For the last decade or so, point solutions have been mid-tier law firms’ best friend. These solutions have addressed challenges in certain areas but have never come together to form a full solution. And let’s face it, there is no ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to practice management systems. Different types of work require different types of solutions.

Plus, with the invention of Cloud and SaaS, to name but a few new trends, mid-tier firms now have access to the same best-of-breed solutions as the big legal players. What does this mean? Well it’s simple really. You can now take your already functionally rich practice and case management system and layer on top other integrated technologies, delivered in the way you want, to achieve business continuity and ultimately power up you PMS!

General Counsel

Legal teams are being increasingly pressured these days. As if looking after the legal work wasn’t enough, you’re increasingly tasked with risk, compliance, ethics and strategy as well.

The last thing you need to worry about is the integrity of documents and files (and where to find them!).

As the world’s leading cloud-based document and email management solution, NetDocuments lifts the complexity of electronic document management off your shoulders. In its place you get a secure, intuitive, feature-rich interface through which all your emails, documents and matter files can be instantly accessed.

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The NetDocuments solution is now being delivered by Tikit, a world leader in legal technology solutions.

Your in safe hands

Case study Read about how the Tikit training team supported Travers Smith with their implementation of NetDocuments.

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Read about how the Tikit training team supported Travers Smith with their implementation of NetDocuments.

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