Document lifecycle

With hundreds of thousands, even millions of documents and emails being created, received and shared annually by firms, making sure there’s a document lifecycle strategy in place is imperative.

Firms need to become more efficient and technology enabled to build and enhance their client relationships.

It’s clear that security surrounding documents and firms document processes needs to be tighter than ever. All workflows need to be built to take in to account strict compliance, governance and business continuity considerations. Add to the list the ever growing need to provide a reliable and scalable platform that allows colleagues who work off site to share documents and collaborate easily, and suddenly there is a lot to think about when considering document processes!

Tikit have been working with law firms for over 25 years and we have experts all over the world that are helping law firms with their document lifecycle management both locally and internationally.

Over this time we have teamed up with many providers. The reason we choose to work with these partners is because we know that they are the best at what they do and we understand that ‘one size does not fit all’.

There are many ways in which a law firm can build a document lifecycle management platform and we work with our clients to deliver and integrate the tools that best suit their firm’s objectives.

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