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For the last decade or so, point solutions have been mid-tier law firms’ best friend, but (unless they are Tikit P4W!), they rarely come together to form a full solution.

Different types of work require different types of solutions.  Plus, with the arrival of Cloud and SaaS, to name but a few new trends, mid-tier firms now have access to the same enterprise solutions as the big legal players.

What does this mean?  Well it’s simple really.  You can now layer on top of your practice and case management system other integrated technologies, delivered in the way you want, to achieve business continuity and ultimately power up you PMS!

Used by over 100,000 professionals across 4 continents, Tikit’s Carpe Diem time recording suite has a single, easy-to-use interface that is available from any device.

What’s more, Tikit Carpe Diem eliminates much of the monotony of recording time. Our new ‘Intelligent Time‘ technology allows users to type, hand write or dictate their entire time sheets and using Natural Language Processing. Carpe Diem will analyse the basic information and generate an accurate time entry, or multiple time entries, all associated with the correct matter.

Why Tikit Carpe Diem?

Carpe Diem has been a market leading timekeeping application for the better part of 20 years and since the launch of Carpe Diem’s ‘next generation’ application back in 2015, the pace of innovation and adoption has accelerated at record pace. The needs of users have changed and the service demands of clients have increased performance pressures, so the Carpe Diem development roadmap has reflected this and focused on usability, compliance, forecasting and automation.

  • Tikit Carpe Diem has been engineered to take the latest technologies into account
  • It is scalable and can grow with your firm
  • Has been stress tested to support over 20,000 timekeepers with 800,000 time postings a day and 160 postings per second
  • Tikit Carpe Diem’s intuitive interface is consistent across devices to reduce training and increase acceptance
  • Can integrate and compliment other leading industry applications including:
  • Carpe Diem complies with the highest security standards and is a MobileIron AppConnect-enabled iOS application. This provides Carpe Diem all the benefits of being resident in a MobileIron protected secure container

Read all about how you can add power to your PMS by improving realisation with Tikit Carpe Diem’s advanced time capture capabilities here.

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Meunier Carlin & Curfman: Achieve 100% adoption with Tikit Carpe Diem

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Kammeradvokaten: Denmark's largest law firm gets to work with Tikit Carpe Diem

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