Partner Mail (Partner Productivity Suite)

Filing made easy.

PPS is an extension in Partner for Windows (P4W) which enables users to file emails and documents directly into their case file from Office applications; Outlook, Word, and Excel, as well as from PDFs and Oyez Forms. PPS will enable firms to maximise the capture of such items in a much more efficient way thus helping lawyers to increase time spent on chargeable work.

What PPS can do for firms:

  • Increase productivity – the time taken to file emails and documents to a case file is significantly-reduced. With PPS the process is simple – Click on the PPS icon within the application and select where you would like the file to go.
  • PPS can even recognises into which matter an email should be filed to save time.
  • Users are also able to add notes, set reminders or add tasks for action on filing.
  • Import contacts and documents held in P4W directly into Outlook emails.
  • Quickly file emails directly from Outlook into P4W.
  • Store documents directly from Word/Excel/PDF Reader/Oyez into P4W
  • Aid version control for Word documents.
  • Generate time recording entries on filing.

Firms using PPS are seeing a vast increase in the storage of file-related emails and documents which are generated or captured outside of P4W. PPS significantly improves a firm’s ability to run electronic files.

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Minimum software requirements

Partner for Windows 3.01-23 is the earliest software that can install Partner Mail.