Preparing for GDPR with Tikit P4W

The introduction of the GDPR in the European Union is now only a few short months away. The new legislation is an evolution of existing data protection legislation. It does, however, bring some major changes. The regulations were developed partly in response to the privacy challenges of an increasingly digital world. They are intended to provide more stringent protection of individuals’ right to privacy.

Tikit P4W has been equipped with new functionality to help you manage the GDPR legislation.  Whether it’s consent, data minimisation or data protection measures, we’ve got you covered.    

Upcoming P4W GDPR webinars:

We’ll be running a series of informative lunch time webinars that will look at the new P4W version 4.0 features, inclusive of all GDPR changes and enhancements.  Please select you preferred date from the list below and sign up using the link.

Thursday 12th April at 1pm BST.

Click here to sign up.