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How to Choose a Cloud Based Document Management System

According to Colin McArdle, Tikit’s Senior Account Director for the Accountancy sector in EMEA, we’re at the point where firms can clearly see the benefits of a cloud-based document management system (DMS). The question is now, “Which system should I choose?” Here Colin provides some useful answers.

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Legal influencers weigh in on legal document management; InsideLegal, July 2018

The hype and buzz surrounding artificial intelligence, lawyer robots, machine learning and predictive analytics in Legal is often times unbearable. Especially, when compared to the legal reality that this type of early adopter, nouveau tech is still in its infancy. Contrast this to document management systems (DMS), one of the most traditional, standard, yet mission […]

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Making your DMS migration (relatively) painless: Legal Management, July 2018

Jobst Elster, (InsideLegal’s Head of Content and Legal Market Strategy) spoke to some of the leading minds, when it comes to legal DMS implementations, migrations and upgrades. The panel consisted of 21 experts, with a total of 2,848 law firm DMS projects under their belts, representing 16 of the leading DMS implementation, support, training, design, configuration […]

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work smarter

Hive Mind

This month’s LPM supplement features Adrian Jones, product development director at Tikit.  In this article he dives into the busy life of the SME law firm and points to where it can leverage technology to work smarter.

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Time to use data more strategically: AIT Portrait magazine, May 2018

For too long time recording has been seen as a back-office activity, and not one of strategic value. In this article, Colin McArdle, Tikit’s Senior Account Director for the Accountancy sector in EMEA corrects that view by arguing that timekeeping can actually become a critical component of strategic planning – if practices use the right […]

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TR Forefront: Why automation now needs to play the lead role in OCG compliance

We’re at a point where outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) have become an unassailable and laborious fact of life for firms with demanding and cost-conscious clients. These firms clearly have to find the most efficient ways to comply with OCGs without losing revenue, productivity, or profitability. In this article, Ryan Steadman explains why automation is now […]

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The Link App

Tikit announces new integration of The Link App with P4W Case Manager

Tikit, part of the BT Group and leading provider of technology solutions for law and professional services firms, today announced that a new integration between The Link App and P4W, Tikit’s leading practice and case management application, will be launched in September. 

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Advancing efficiencies: tech-savvy law firm see reduced task turnaround times with the integration of two leading software technologies.

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors implement BigHand Digital Dictation, and integrated solution Tikit P4W case management to drive efficiencies.

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TR Forefront: The truth about legal timekeeping

Peter Zver, President, TIkit North America talks to Thomson Reuters Forefront about how price competition, commoditisation of legal work, alternate service providers, compliance pressures, P3 (pricing, project management, and process) initiatives, and consumer-based technologies have all changed modern timekeeping. Click here to read the full article.

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