Tikit webinar: What’s changed in Tikit Carpe Diem and where is it going?

Join us on 1st November (4pm BST / 12 noon EDT) for an informative 45 minute webinar. 

You’ll hear what we have built into the very latest version of Tikit Carpe Diem and how our customers will benefit from some of these key new features.  This webinar has something for everyone who captures time.

You’ll learn more about some of the new features and functionality found in the very latest version of Tikit Carpe Diem, which will be launched next month.  We won’t spoil the webinar, but includes:

  • An enhanced and clearer interface making time capture quicker than before.
  • Enhanced warnings and validation.
  • An interface that helps with accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA compliant).
  • Improved work list functionality.

Register now to see what’s new and how capturing time is now a better experience for lawyers than ever before.