Tikit webinar: Time to use data more strategically

For too long time recording has been seen as a back-office activity, and not one of strategic value, but timekeeping can actually become a critical component of strategic planning.

If practices use the right tools to exploit its potential time recording data can:

  • Empower your practice to make more accurate forecasts of what a future similar project will cost which can lead to stronger, more confident bids for future work.
  • Inform resource allocation and management. Running data through forecasting models allows you to make projections about future work allocation and distribution.
  • Give you insights into performance and loading across the whole practice. What work patterns are emerging? Are there areas of low usage and are these alongside other areas that are under too much stress from too much work?

Join us for a webinar on 28 June, 2018, 10am, to find out how time recording can help firms increase revenue and through sophisticated management reporting can make a critical contribution to your practice’s growth-focused strategic plans.

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