Tikit ReStyler demo webinar

Tikit ReStyler solves the challenge of document consistency by streamlining the application of house styles to any legal document. With ReStyler you simply define a set of rules for the house style and these can be applied on similar documents any time you require – you’re a few clicks away from a consistently styled document!  This saves both fee-earners and support staff time and frustration with document formatting.

  • Increases accuracy and consistency: With a firm’s brand style, without users having to spend hours of precious time wrestling with manual document formatting.
  • Quick and simple: Tikit ReStyler sits within Microsoft Word, to provide a seamless and familiar, user experience. With an intuitive interface it compliments the Microsoft Word ribbon, giving the users the ability to clean and reformat the most rebellious documents quickly.
  • Cost efficient: ReStyler is a Microsoft Word add on. Therefore there is no requirement to purchase unfamiliar underlying infrastructure to support it, it simply slots into your existing technology stack.

Join Tikit’s Julie McCarthy for a webinar on Monday 2nd July 2018 at 13:00.