Get fit in January with our Tikit P4W virtual run in support of Naomi House

Join us for the Tikit P4W Virtual Run in support of Naomi House this January!  Click here to sign up.

We challenge you to push your limits, both mentally and physically this January with our very first Tikit P4W “Virtual Run” in support of Naomi House.

This event is open to everyone, from those just starting out in their fitness journey and looking to get fit in 2018, to hardened runners looking for a new challenge. We have medals to reward those that are successful!

All you have to do to help this amazing cause, is sign up to run/walk 10km either in one go or in several parts over the course of January. There is also a children’s 2km option for our young warriors. (additional tickets must be purchased).

How it the Tikit P4W virtual run works:

Register, and then run (jog or walk) the required 10km (2km for children) within the allotted time frame.

Use any Phone App, Fitbit or GPS tracker such as Strava or RunKeeper and take a screenshot of your finished run (or series of runs) and email the evidence to