Tikit InFocus 2019 @ the Oval

This year’s Tikit InFocus will be held at the Oval cricket ground in London on the 26th September, 2019. We hope that you can join us for a day of education and networking at this fantastic venue.



We are excited to say that Janet Day, Chair of the independent Tikit Product Advisory Board will be our host for the day and she will keep us on track to deliver a jam-packed agenda

We will also be joined by Marcus Weinberger who is a self-taught ethical hacker. He will show us how close many firms could be to a security breach and then we will explore what we can do to protect ourselves from such attacks.

The theme of Tikit InFocus this year will be trust. Along with some of our key partners, we will look into ways in which greater transparency can realise huge benefits in client perception. We will explore that achieving ‘trusted advisor status’ requires time, effort, focus and an ever-evolving integrated suite of technologies.



But it won’t be all work and no play! The morning sessions will be followed by lunch and a chance to catch up with your peers. You will have a chance to benefit from a coaching session at the Indoor Surrey Cricket Centre, mix your own cocktails or make doughnuts with the world’s first doughnut academy, hosted by London’s most on-trend doughnut shop; Doughnut Time.


Our Summer Garden Party will be held on the Corinthian Terrace at the Oval following the afternoon activities, where we invite you to enjoy a 2-course BBQ while drinking summer drinks and playing garden games.

We are excited to announce that legendary cricketer and TV personality, Phil Tufnell will be joining Tikit InFocus. We think it’s only fitting that we have one of England’s most famous cricketers to come along as our celebrity guest after-dinner speaker. As well as taking over 1000 first class wickets for England, Phil is a radio & TV presenter and won series two of I’m a Celebrity. He’ll be doing a fun Q&A session and you will have your chance to talk to him and grab a picture or an autograph after the BBQ.

Cost: FREE

Please email hello@tikit.com to confirm your space!




09:00 Registration

09:30 Introduction by Simon Hill and Janet Day

  • What is trust
  • How can you win your clients trust
  • How can you lose your client’s trust

09:40 – Keynote – Trust, Security and Law – Ben and Marcus Weinberger

  • Security threats to your organisation. Does your infrastructure have vulnerabilities that a determined hacker could exploit. What opportunities present themselves to hacker during normal business activity? Is it easier to access data held within the organisation or when you exchange data with a third party? In what other ways might my organisation be vulnerable (e.g. DDoS).

10:10 – Trust in Tikit – Mark Garnish

  • Mark Garnish talks about how the concept of trust has influenced Tikit’s own products over the last few years and highlights some of the product features that have been introduced as a result.

10:40 – Is the law firm “the soft underbelly of corporate data” – Mike Creffield, Andrew Payne and Mike Sanders (NetDocuments)

  • The law firm is trusted with its client’s most commercially sensitive data. Is it the natural target for those bent on accessing that data?
  • What steps can a firm take to secure its data against threats from outside
  • The session will actively encourage audience participation in a question and answer format. During the session Mike and Andy will discuss topics such as:
  • Security as a Service
  • Compliance
  • DLP
  • Ransomware
  • Ethical walls

11:10 Coffee Break

11:30 – “Cut the hardline?” – Liam Hopwood (Mimecast)

  • Given the issues surrounding data security, should we simply wall ourselves in and not communicate with anybody?
  • Free communication is the life blood of an organisation including the sharing of data – can this be done safely and without opening up the organisation to threat
  • Email as a low-cost threat vector
  • Sharing data and collaboration – risk versus reward

11:45 – “Sharing Securely – Build Trust with Trustworthy Processes” – Theo Lister (Litera Microsystems)

Automated protections against inadvertent data breaches work best when you make it easy for people to do the right thing, and difficult to do what you don’t want them to do. This session will explore ways to integrate robust data governance with people’s workflows, so they easily understand and comply with secure sharing policies. And we’ll take a look at how organisations can share knowledge and experience with clients, bolstering the organisation’s reputation as a secure and trustworthy partner.

12:00 – Compliance with Clients’ Industry Regulations and Firm’s Regulatory Requirements: How Can Privacy Automation Benefit Your Firm? – Yann Gouilou (Prosperoware)

The number of privacy laws and regulations continue to increase. Many of these regulations impact law firm clients and then flow down to the firm as outside counsel guidelines. The vast number of legal content systems law firms use add to this challenge, impeding reporting capabilities to support information governance.

This session will examine the difficulties IT leadership in law firms face in complying with privacy regulations with their legal content systems such as DMS, Transaction Management, Litigation Management, Collaboration, and others. You will learn more about requirements for need-to-know security, reporting, supervision principles and the best practices of privacy management.

12:20: Janet Day – Outside Counsel Guidelines – the ‘why’

12:30 – Panel discussion – Outside Counsel Guidelines – the ‘how’ – Nick Jenner (Tikit) and Lindsay Felice (FileTrail)

  • What type of things do OCGs mandate?
  • How do GCs assess compliance?
  • How can systems and processes help?

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Afternoon activities

  • Doughnut making and cocktails
  • Cricket in the Oval nets

17:00 – Summer BBQ

18:30 – Phil Tufnel Q&A

21:00 – After party


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