Tikit InFocus 2019 @ the Oval

This year’s Tikit InFocus will be held at the Oval cricket ground in London on the 26th September, 2019. We hope that you can join us for a day of education and networking at this fantastic venue.

We are excited to say that Janet Day, Chair of the independent Tikit Product Advisory Board will be our host for the day and she will keep us on track to deliver a jam-packed agenda

We will also be joined by Marcus Weinberger who is a self-taught ethical hacker. He will show us how close many firms could be to a security breach and then we will explore what we can do to protect ourselves from such attacks.

The theme of Tikit InFocus this year will be trust. Along with some of our key partners, we will look into ways in which greater transparency can realise huge benefits in client perception. We will explore that achieving ‘trusted advisor status’ requires time, effort, focus and an ever-evolving integrated suite of technologies.

But it won’t be all work and no play! The morning sessions will be followed by lunch and a chance to catch up with your peers. You will have a chance to benefit from a coaching session at the Indoor Surrey Cricket Centre, mix your own cocktails or make doughnuts with the world’s first doughnut academy, hosted by London’s most on-trend doughnut shop; Doughnut Time.

Our Summer Garden Party will be held on the Corinthian Terrace at the Oval following the afternoon activities, where we invite you to enjoy a 2-course BBQ while drinking summer drinks and playing garden games.

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements about Tikit InFocus including a surprise celebrity speaker!

Please email hello@tikit.com to confirm your space!