Students with the Tikit to Success

Sandwich courses, and no we don’t mean a guide on how to make the perfect BLT, are becoming commonplace.  As university graduates battle it out in a competitive jobs market, a yearlong industrial placement can be the edge many students are searching for.  With industry experience, a graduate will be able to hit the ground running and work with minimal supervision, making them very attractive to an employer. For the employer it can have the added benefit that they may then ask the student to return after they graduate which saves any of the recruitment fees that would result from using recruitment agencies.

At Tikit, we work with Portsmouth University to provide talented students with the opportunity to undertake a year’s placement with our application support team.  And, if we do say so ourselves, it’s been a blazing success.  Since starting the programme six years ago, we have had a 100% success rate in students returning to their roles after completing their degrees.

Miles Osborne, Support Manager at Tikit said “The placement student program has allowed us to contribute to the community but at the same time has been beneficial to the Tikit Support team. We have been fortunate to have had some very good placement students, with all of them coming back to us after they graduate.”

In fact, not only have they come back to Tikit they have gone further.  Our very first placement student, Reuben Manning, joined us back in 2009.  Since then he has progressed through the ranks and now holds the esteemed position of Application Support Manager.  Reuben says that I think the key to success as a placement student is to pick a subject you enjoy and a company/business with the dynamics to let you expand your knowledge.  Grab every opportunity that is in your path, take responsibility, never stop learning and expand into new areas often.”

Daniel Woods has done just that.  He joined us in 2010 as our second successful placement student.  Daniel too has climbed the greasy pole, so to speak, and become a Senior Application Analyst.

This year we have taken on two more students, Josh Court and Shirley Gurung, who are both studying BSc Computing (which does come in rather handy) at Portsmouth University. Josh and Shirley joined us on the 1st August and will be with us until the bitter end, well August 2016 to be exact.

“It is a unique opportunity working at Tikit” said Josh. “There are so few SQL based placements around, which is the area that really plays to my strengths, so I’ve got a lot out of it.”

Now that both Josh and Shirley are settled in their roles, they are treated like any other member of the support team.  All of their work is the same as that of any of our other analysts and yes, that means they resolve support calls.

For us they are a vital resource, contributing to a highly successful ISO9001:2008 accredited Helpdesk.  But, for themselves, they are gaining invaluable industry experience that will aid them in their careers post university.  They are working across all of our products including P4W, Tikit ConnecteMarketing as well as helping with our partner products such as TaskCentre, Oyez and BigHand.  With such a wide remit, both Josh and Shirley are getting a very hands on experience when it comes to Tikit’s own IP as well as that of our partners.

To them we say, keep up the good work!