PSMG webinar: Is marketing making a difference or am I simply howling at the moon?

We all know the purpose of marketing activity is to drive more business to the firm and retain the business you have. The fundamental measure of success for marketing is the acquisition of new clients or new instructions from existing clients. The link between activity at one end and cash at the other is, unfortunately, somewhat murky.

On 14th July at 3pm (BST), Simon Elven of Tikit and Paul Catchpole of Introhive are hosting a webinar. They will suggest some additional metrics that could be used as an indication of increasing engagement and to identify what marketing activity is really working by driving your prospects on the journey towards becoming a client.

Please email Gail Jaffa to register.

If you missed our last webinar with Introhive, ‘Relationship Refresh’ you can view the recording here.