Webinar: Paper to digital strategy: How do you stop people from printing and filing documents time and time again?

“I’m already in the document management system, no need to file me!”. What if your paper documents could say this to your users. It’s a frightening statistic but up 70% of the paper circulating in a law firm is a print out of something that is already stored in the DMS. In most cases this simply gets put back into the matter file after use. This simply compounds the already serious problems related to paper storage – expense, inefficiency, compliance and risk.

With PostMark from DocSolid paper documents can indeed tell you that they are already in the DMS – and they do this as part of the print process rather than relying on anything that is done in an application. If a document has a DocSolid Postmark QR code, you can shred with impunity – it is in the DMS. If you’ve scribbled notes on it – run it through the scanner and then shred it. The annotated version will be added automatically to the correct matter file without user intervention.

Find out why 6 of the largest 10 law firms on earth partner with DocSolid to conquer paper—more specifically to digitise and eliminate unnecessary paper to deliver greater security and integrity to their practice of law.

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9th January 2018, 10-11am

And in the mean time you can read all about this solution here.