Onboarding solutions for a growth strategy

With the overall client experience assuming greater importance in the selection process clients use to determine who to place their business with, making an early good impression is vital. Having taken the decision to appoint a firm for a particular transaction, you can’t afford that first touchpoint to be a poor one. Clients want their decision to appoint a firm validated as soon as possible and if the client onboarding process is complex, manual and lengthy, that decision is going to be immediately challenged.

In this webinar, Jane Pritchard chief Product Innovation Officer at Infotrack will look at Infotrack’s experience of optimising the client onboarding process. Starting with the process, rather than the technology, Infotrack have had considerable success in providing an overall solution for client on-boarding that enhances, rather than diminishes, the new client’s view of the firm.

Rob McKellar from Slater &Gordon will then provide a law firm perspective on the onboarding process. Rob will talk about how Slater & Gordon have risen to the challenge posed by onboarding and how the solution they implemented fitted as part of a longer term objective of delivering excellence in the client experience.

Finally, with identity verification core to the process of client onboarding of Jumio, we will show how the rest of the world is dealing with the issue and why law firms are only just beginning to catch up.


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