Marketing ROI is not all about the money!

How many marketing people amongst us can honestly calculate the ROI that is realised from marketing and BD activity undertaken? Linking marketing activity to money (i.e. new clients and matters) is notoriously difficult.

Measures such as social media engagement and website traffic are great, but do they actually have a material benefit for the firm – the association is a little loose.

But wouldn’t it be great if we could understand how our relationships with our clients and prospects are growing? And not just with one contact but all the contacts across our client / prospect organisation aggregated to give a rounded view of engagement with your firm. We would then be able to assess whether engagement with an organisation is growing and whether additional people within that organisation are responding to your marketing and business development messages. This could give you incontrovertible data with which to demonstrate the contribution made by the marketing department to the success of the firm – “our campaign increased the number of relationships we have in that sector by 15% and the strength of those relationships by 20%”.

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