Webinar: Make crime (and civil law) pay


Join us for an exciting and informative webinar in association with The Law Society Wednesday 11th September at 12:30pm.

Join Tikit and The Law Society for a webinar to see how technology can reduce your costs and increase your margins, for Legal Aid work.

More and more firms are finding that Legal Aid work simply doesn’t pay which means that firms have to cross-subsidise the work, do less of it or abandon legal aid altogether to stay in business. This is an excruciating choice for people committed to the principle of justice for all.

However, legal aid can be made more viable if you use technology that is built with Legal Aid in mind.

In this webinar the team from Tikit will discuss the administrative, financial and regulatory challenges from first meeting a client to closing the case (from both the lawyers and a practice management perspective).

We will then demonstrate that efficiencies and time savings made through the use of technology can not only make Legal Aid financially viable for firms but profitable.

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